Friday, 17 July 2009

Taking the ‘ow!’ out of mouth ulcers

Mouth ulcers are a common symptom of lupus and one that for something so small can cause a great deal of misery

The mouth ulcers I get range from painful white spots on my inner lips and gums to large white patches covering the palate of my mouth (as in the picture) or inner cheeks of my mouth. I have tried various products on the market as well as some prescribed, so here are my top tips:

1. I find gel products slide around and don’t stick to the ulcer so opt for liquids, sprays and pellets that stay in place

2. Products I find helpful are:

Ambesol Liquid is an old favourite of mine as it numbs the pain entirely and allows you to eat and talk without pain. The drawback is that it really stings when you apply it, so prepare yourself!

I find Corsodyl Mint Mouthwash helps when it is impossible to brush my teeth properly as it maintains oral hygiene and prevents infection and gum disease, as well as easing some of the soreness. I have also just discovered Corsodyl Spray which is great for zapping ulcers that are lurking in hard to reach corners of the mouth

3. Certain foods should be avoided as the pain is eye-watering – lemons and tomatoes spring mind

4. Although they are a pain to use, when things have been really bad prescribed topical steroids have worked for me

5. Desperate times call for desperate measures: sometimes drinking through a straw, lukewarm soup, ice-cream, yogurt and jelly and avoiding hot drinks can be your only option

If anyone else has any good ideas, I am always on the lookout so let me know.


Manic Mom said...

I may have your answer, you just might love me! I hope this helps, because it helps me. My Dr. has me on a pretty good dose of folic acid every day. As soon as one of those sores pop up I even take an extra pill. It has NEVER failed yet....knock on wood!!!! Talk to your Dr. about it. I hope you find relief, they are the worst thing.

Poodle Soup said...

Dear Daisy.
Thank you.
I was diagnosed with Lupus about over 2 months ago. I thought I knew everything about the disease as my sister was also diagnosed with Lupus SLE about 15 years ago. Its only now I realize what this disease really is.
I got Lupus at the height of my career (am an artist living in France with hubby but we are both Aussies) I also had just given birth to my baby boy. It all came as a massive shock and it still is in some ways.
Whilst in hospital for the past 6 weeks I found your blog, it was like I was reading about myself. Im also a chatterbox and have always been positively lively, but I felt like my gut was ripped out and my life had turned upside down (which it had literally!!)
I LOVE your approach on life and living with Lupus, it gave me strength and reminded me that yes I am a strong modern woman, I CAN do this!!
I am now back at home in recovery and doing well.
So I truly thank you for your positive and real insight on how you live, you are an inspiration!! I look forward to following your blog and contributing when I can....
Thumbs up and cheers!

Daisy Seale-Barnes said...

Thanks a lot for the folic acid tip Sheila. Strangely enough, I have only recently been prescribed folic acid for pregnancy purposes, so I wonder if it'll make a difference? I might even see about upping the dose a bit and see what happens. Am prepared to try anything!!!

sheila said...

There are actually a few visiable signs for lupus BUT every lupus patient different. SLE is also called the "great mimic" because it often has the same symptoms as other diseases when in reality the primary issue IS SLE and everything else secondary to SLE. A couple of visable signs are the 1.butterfly mask around face(red checks.,nose and.chin lea ing very white upper lip and bottom lip area. You can find a picture online.2. A rash all over body including palms of hands and bottom of feet. 3. Not as visiable but easily observed is extreme fatigue and need to sleep all time. But as stated before all SLE patients are different. I have had SLE since age 12 and now am 41..u can do the math. Yep for 29 years. I have been a guine pig for lupus research at National institute of health since age 12. Best advice is know ur body and ur lupu. Find a Rheumatologist that u respect but that also respects what u have to say. Knowone knows ur body better than u. U can live a happy full life with lupus. If u want to contact me here is my email
..God bless
Sheila OSullivan

WalburgGirl said...

I have also been dealing with this as a new symptom Lupus SLE. Anbesol sure does burn but helps when you're trying to eat. My RA/Lupus Dr. told me to take 1mg of Folic Acid to help clear it up within a few days but it's been a week now one of the areas is in fact cleared up but the other one still remains... It's a painful thing to have to deal with and I feel for those having to endure this!

Anonymous said...

It took years for the many Dr's to finally diagnose me. My worst symptom is the painful mouth sores. I find Listerine strips help take away the pain.

James Underwood said...

Peroxyl is a wonderful over-the-counter mouthwash that cleans the area as well as numbing it very well. Its fairly inexpensive as well, between $5 and $10. Just make sure to only use it 2 or 3 times a day as repeated use can actually make things worse.

Anonymous said...

I currently work at a pharmacy and my pharmacist recommended magic mouthwash, which is mostly over the counter. It is works magically well! The over the counter bits are what actually heal the ulcer. The mouth wash is euqal parts maaylanta and lq Benadryl. The part that would have to be prescribed would be the lq lidocaine. You just swish for 30 then spit. It really helps me, and it's not another pill to take (lord knows I take enough with my SLE), and it doesn't burn! I hope this helps someone as much as it has helped me!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I have found the only thing that works for me is something called HYDROC/NYSTAT/LIDOCA/DIPHEN It is perscription, a mouth wash but it sure does help!!!!
Hope it helps!



Emma Kate at Painted Style said...

Hi, I know this is an old post, but I wanted to tell you to get some Frador from your chemist. It is the BEST thing out there! it was unavailable for a long time but it is back now. I've got 4 at the moment. Once I had 17. Do you think I should be tested for Lupus?

Anonymous said...

BMX mouthwash a prescription rinse is great for the nasty lupus sores, it's a combo of benedryl liquid, lidocaine, and maalox materials. Lidocaine viscous is another good thing to get they use it for sore throats to gargle but you can use a qtip and dab it on the sores!

Victoria said...

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