Monday, 23 February 2009

Butterfly Walk

The 10th May is World Lupus Day when organisations from across the world unite to try and increase public awareness.

The truth is, if other people - from employers and politicians to friends, colleagues, and acquaintances, people on the bus, doctors and nurses and let's not forget 'Bob your Uncle' and 'Fanny your Aunt' - had even just a tiny bit more of a clue what lupus is and how it can affect people, things would be so much easier for 'loopies' far and wide. It may also be diagnosed more effectively. So all in all, it is my belief that promoting awareness can only be a great thing.
Sadly, World Lupus Day is not top of every one's priorities, and unfortunately this it year coincides with an important date on my Yoga Foundation Course, so I am unable to attend.

So, this is a little plea calling on anyone reading this to help the St Thomas' Lupus Trust by joining them for the 5k walk (or run if you are so inclined). For details:

The best bit is that you get to dress as a butterfly! This would be the highlight for me because I reckon the 'butterfly look' has a LOT of potential ... the picture at the top illustrates the sassy butterfly look I would most definitely be sporting if I were there ... who could argue with those metallic leggings!?

Thanks to anyone who does this.